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SiGMA Group is a 4 vertical brand with offices in Malta, Cyprus, Kiev, Manila, Sao Paolo and Chicago. Nearly a decade into its tenure, SiGMA Group has cultivated a reputation for pulling off excellent networking events and stoking debate through its multi-faceted media channels. 


With roots reaching back as far as 2014, SiGMA is a global gaming expo that continues to play a strong role in uniting key players across this fast-growing sector under one roof. Present in key regions, both established and emerging, SiGMA is a staple on any gaming brand’s calendar of events.
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Active since 2018, AIBC is a global event dedicated to bringing together investors and innovators in the emerging tech sector. From Blockchain to AI, the industry’s most creative minds are leading the charge for cutting-edge technology, shaping a revolutionary landscape across AIBC’s conference stage and expo.
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Med-Tech World

Med-Tech World

With so many countries attuned to the investment benefits of adapting smart technologies, Med-Tech World – a summit created alongside a team of medical professionals – offers a valuable introduction to a million-dollar forum for exponential growth in the global digital health sector.
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Affiliate Grand Slam

Affiliate Grand Slam

Bringing together thousands of delegates, from content marketers, conversion optimisation and lead generation specialists, to media buyers, seo gurus, and influencers, the expo delivers exceptional value for affiliates looking to forge fruitful new business prospects and network with like-minded individuals.
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Media & Affiliation

In addition to a global presence on the worldwide stage, with shows planned across 2022 in the GCC region, the Americas, Europe, and Asia, SiGMA Group offers a plethora of quality, industry-relevant content across multi-media platforms. SiGMA Group is available in 10 key international languages. SiGMA has also developed a strong front when it comes to affiliation in the gaming sector, promoting online casino, sports betting, and emerging tech.
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Why We Are Different


Committed to Quality

 Years of experience, collaboration with experts in their field, and in-depth knowledge of the industry has enabled SiGMA Group to ensure it stands out amongst the crowd as the leading event and media provider in its industries. From booth building to magazine design, quality is king.


Knowledge is Power

SiGMA Group endeavours to bring more than just good business to the locations it operates in. We strongly believe that education can be a valuable tool to empower your experience and elevate your skillset, which is why, through our charitable arm SiGMA Foundation, we’re launching SiGMA College.


Eco-friendly Ecosystem

SiGMA Group continues to strive to achieve its commitments to the environment by pursuing eco-friendly solutions where possible. From recyclable cups at its events to using FSC paper in its publications, the company makes a concerted effort to apply green standards.



The alignment of SiGMA Group’s 4 leading brands allows investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policy makers, thought leaders, and operators in the industry.

SiGMA VC Fund & Accelerator

The creation of the SiGMA Fund and Accelerator aims to bridge emerging tech and gaming under one roof. The fund brings on a team of leading advisors and investors to give startups a jumpstart in the business world.

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Highly Qualified Team

eman 1-1

Eman Pulis


Eman Pulis is the founder of SiGMA Group, a global media and events company focussed on the gaming, digital health, affiliate marketing, and emerging tech sectors.

Sophie Crouzet

Chief Operating Officer

Sophie Crouzet has been a key member of SiGMA Group since its inception, giving her a portfolio of experience and skills that is perfectly aligned with the company’s vision.

Megan Easey

Chief Performance Officer

Megan Easey has been in the Gaming sector since 2004, with a focus on Operations, Marketing and People. Highly adept at connecting people to their tasks and their tasks to teams, promoting personal growth and interconnectedness, her primary goal is to drive constant improvement across the business, at every level.